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At least Stockdale knew it at the debate. "What am I doing here?" If I were to vote in a presidential primary today, I would vote for: Joe Biden. Biggest factor, most uninspiring VP selection since James Stockdale. rwsanders: Mar 3 #27: At least Stockdale knew it at the debate. CaptYossarian: Mar 3 #45: It's been a lie for 20 years. Recursion: The Euthanasia Debate; James Bond Stockdale (1923 - 2005) was a United States Navy vice-admiral and one of the most highly decorated officers in the history of the U.S. Navy. His plane was shot down over Vietnam in 1965, and he was held as a prisoner of war for seven and a half years. During his captivity he spent more than four years in

Stockdale was largely pushed to the side as Democrat Gore and incumbent Republican Vice President Quayle went at it for most of the debate over issues of trust, much like this year's Eight Lessons for the Presidential Debates And to turn down the debate with Kennedy might, "have cost him politically in the new TV age," noted Robert Dallek. Admiral James Stockdale Her son would practice at their house as Jacob Stockdale's debate partner. She recalled Kathryn as a wonderful mother, James as a funny boy and the Stockdales as a caring family. "They're just Despite not being on the ballot in Nevada, tonight will be Michael Bloomberg's first appearance on a Democrat debate stage.Tonight's presidential debate is hosted by NBC, MSNBC, Telemundo and The Nevada Independent. Start time 9 p.m. Eastern. Six candidates qualified: Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont; former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr.; former NY Mayor…

Aug 8, 2012 By James Rainey Adm. James Stockdale. heroic former Vietnam prisoner of war famously lost focus during a nationally televised debate.

Admiral James Stockdale, the Independent vice presidential candidate on the ticket with Ross Perot in 1992, put on a very poor performance during his Atlanta debate with then-Sen. Al Gore and THE 1992 CAMPAIGN: James Stockdale; Reluctant Politician Tempers Professional Edge. By David E. Rosenbaum. Oct. 14, 1992 James B. Stockdale asked at the beginning of last night's debate. "Why This idea, as you know, that I have firm convictions that the idea of issues being a big deal where our mutual friend went back and he felt so strongly that the determining factor in electoral success should be a proven character. And retired Vice Admiral James Stockdale, who is the vice presidential nominee — (APPLAUSE) — for independent candidate Ross Perot. (APPLAUSE) Now, the ground rules for tonight's debate. Each candidate will have 2 minutes for an opening statement. I will then present the issues to be discussed. The 12 Most Cringe-Worthy Debate Moments in History Adm. James Stockdale's 'Why Am I Here?' text: Admiral James Stockdale, who had been a Vietnam prisoner of war, was new to politics when In February 2006, the Superintendent of the Naval Academy directed the expansion of the Center, and the Center was renamed the Vice Admiral James B. Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership. The Center could not have a finer model as its namesake than this most distinguished graduate of the United States Naval Academy.

I couldn't tell if I was watching a televised debate between Al Gore, James Stockdale and Dan Quayle, or a "Nick at Nite" rerun featuring Superman, Perry White and Jimmy Olsen.

Conrad could not have described Vice Admiral James Bond Stockdale better if in the 1992 vice presidential debate, Stockdale later told PBS anchorman Jim  Jul 9, 2019 In 1992, he picked Admiral James Stockdale, a good man but whose debate performance was so epically dismal that it kept Saturday Night  Oct 10, 2012 The 2012 vice-presidential debate might not be a game-changer, but that the camera during a debate against Al Gore and James Stockdale,  Nov 23, 2019 Adm. James Stockdale, retired, appeared to be during the 1992 vice presidential debate as Dallas zillionnaire Ross Perot's running mate. Aug 23, 2017 And as Mike Dukakis or Gerald Ford or James Stockdale can attest, it's the mistakes that tend to make the headlines the next day. It's not so  See more of James Stockdale on Facebook were the Reform Party candidate for vice president in 1992, and you participated in the vice presidential debate.

As a quadrennial curtain raiser for the vice presidential debate, I've started a small tradition of paying tribute to Adm. James Stockdale. He is an American hero and also a symbol of something

As a quadrennial curtain raiser for the vice presidential debate, I've started a small tradition of paying tribute to Adm. James Stockdale. He is an American hero and also a symbol of something James Stockdale, Ross Perot's running-mate in 1992, offers his famous introduction: "Who am I? Why am I here?" Watch SNL sketches featuring the character James Stockdale (Phil Hartman) online at NBC.com. James Bond Stockdale (December 23, 1923 - July 5, 2005) was a United States Navy vice admiral and one of the most-highly decorated officers in the history of the U.S. Navy. Stockdale led aerial attacks from the carrier USS Ticonderoga (CVA-14) during the 1964 Gulf of Tonkin Incident. On his next (James Stockdale, 1992) With businessman Ross Perot capturing attention as an independent candidate in the 1992 election, his running mate, retired Navy admiral James Stockdale, won a seat at the vice presidential debate. Unfortunately, Stockdale's self-deprecating attempt to address the public's unfamiliarity with him only reinforced the

When I media train an Inc. 500 CEO who's preparing for a live interview on, say, CNBC, I tell her about her rights. Admiral James Stockdale, who opened his debate by asking, "Who am I? Why am

The first 1992 presidential debate was held on Sunday, October 11th at Washington University in St. Louis and moderated by Jim Lehrer.. The 1992 vice-presidential debate was part of the 1992 presidential election.The participants were Democratic candidate, U.S. Senator Al Gore from Tennessee; Independent candidate, retired Vice Admiral James Stockdale; and Republican candidate, incumbent Vice James B. Stockdale, the retired vice admiral and political novice who is running with the independent candidate Ross Perot, at times seemed stunned by the sharpness of the exchange and struggled Vice Admiral James Bond Stockdale: Vietnam War Hero and Indomitable Spirit at the Hanoi Hilton. Congress should pass a law requiring every person who laughed at him during the vice presidential debate to read the citation that explains why Stockdale received the Medal of Honor as a senior prisoner of war in Hanoi….This man is a great

The Vice Admiral James Bond Stockdale Award for Inspirational Leadership is a United States Navy award established in 1980 by United States Secretary of the Navy Edward Hidalgo to honor the inspirational leadership of James Stockdale, a Medal of Honorrecipient in the Vietnam War, who exhibited exemplary leadership while a prisoner of war in Admiral Stockdale's Take On His Debate Performance I found an interview that James Stockdale did with Jim Lehrer in 1999. The transcript is here. I'll let the Admiral speak for himself, but a few things did jump out at me. 1. He considered character to be far more important than specifics. A man of character can deal with specifics.